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Turn Your Passion and Knowledge Into an Impressive Online Course That Sells Itself


Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Artists, and Healers…

Discover how this Star Wars Digital Effects Artist can help you package and sell your expertise as an online course to make more money and impact more people’s lives…


If you watched Star Wars back in the 1990s all the way to the end, you would’ve seen my name in the credits.

Yes, I worked on Star Wars.

I was a Digital Effects Artist for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic. It was a great career. I helped to create some of the biggest movies of the 1990s – Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Twister to name just a few.

But in the year 2001, I quit.

I had just got married and started a family with my new husband.

Working 6 day weeks for 70+ hours in the office was not what I wanted for my life.

I wanted to stay home and be a mother to my new daughter.

But I also still wanted to have a professional identity and be creative. Just not in an office, and not working someone else’s long hours.


The entrepreneurial path was not clear cut for me…


Eventually I found a niche for myself as the “Shopping Cart Queen” – a title I cheekily bestowed upon myself 🙂

The business was simple – I would set up online shopping cart systems for new website owners.

My brand and positioning got me off to a great start. I’d go to conferences and people knew my name, and wanted to talk to me. I was getting invitations to speak at marketing events.

And I was getting clients!

Everything probably looked pretty great from the outside looking in. And it was for a while.

But what people didn’t see was that my time was taken up with one-on-one client work.


The money coming in was real up and down…


Sometimes I would have too many clients after a conference. A nice problem to have you might think.

Except when I had 5 client calls back to back in between taking my daughter to and from pre-school and play groups. And then a client no-showed or had to reschedule – aaggh! I just wanted to tear my hair out some days!

Other times weeks might go by without any shopping cart setup work to bring money in.

Constantly trying and hoping to find clients was almost more stressful than working 70 hours a week back when I worked for George Lucas!

And giving out my prices? Oh that was no fun at all.

Lots of people seemed interested in what I had to offer. But only a few could actually afford to pay what my time was worth.

Truly the worst part about the business was leaving my little daughter to go away to marketing events. I would only be gone a few days, but she would ask my husband every day I was gone “When is Momma coming home?”

That just tore my heart out.

What started out as a fun and exciting business eventually became tiring and draining.

I couldn’t duplicate myself.

And I couldn’t scale myself either.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and I didn’t want to work all of them!


One day I got a new idea for an online course…


WordPress was a new website software that held the promise of making website creation easy for people with no technical skills.

I decided I wanted to try and create a course around building websites with WordPress.

In 2008, I ran the Website Creation Workshop for the first time.

I sent a few emails to my list about it and then…

I made $23,000 on my first course launch!


I was in heaven!

I ran it again a year later, and sold over $100,000.


I was onto something…


I shifted all my efforts into building up the Website Creation Workshop.

My online course was successful enough that I finally could stop doing one-on-one service work.

Over the next few years, I grew the Website Creation Workshop business significantly.

I moved out of my small town and relocated to San Diego, California.

My husband and I were able to send our daughter to one of the top high schools in the state of California.

And I have been able to spend as much time as I wanted with my daughter in her school and acting activities.

I could take her to auditions and volunteer to help out with her theater productions.

She is now an Acting Major attending college in Los Angeles.

Helping my daughter to reach her dreams was one of my goals when I started on this path.

The Website Creation Workshop has generated over $7,000,000 since I first ran it many years ago.

I have empowered thousands of people to create their own websites, and in many cases, start their own online businesses.

It’s a great feeling!

And over time I realized that…


I could help even more if I taught people how to a create successful online course!


Online courses let you help more people and build a bigger reputation for your expertise. You can multiply your impact, get paid more for your time and stop trading dollars for hours.

There’s a huge market for online courses and it’s rapidly expanding.

People value education. Online courses, no matter what the cost, are cheaper than other educational opportunities.

People are buying online courses more and more, and this increasing every year.


Introducing the Create Your Course Workshop


The Create Your Course Workshop is an online training and coaching program. Each module has video lessons, workbooks, and learning activities. I will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your own online course.

You will also get live coaching from me and my team. We’ll have 6 months of live coaching webinars where you can ask your questions and get feedback on your unique ideas. If you have to miss a call, don’t worry. You can submit your questions ahead of time and listen to the answers by replay! All webinar replays will be downloadable.

And we’ll have a private Facebook group to you can interact, share, celebrate your success.

Read on to see what’s included in this program…

Live Webinar Replay

Enroll & Start Creating Your Own Course Now

Here’s What’s Included in This Training

Live coaching webinars with me, Christina Hills, where you will learn step-by-step how to create your course!


My complete Create Your Course Workbooks and helpful checklists in downloadable PDF format.

Video downloads of the webinar workshops that you may download and keep on your computer forever.
My Private Facebook Group just for you and your new friends to network, share ideas, and support each other.
Resource guides with my recommendations for tools that you can use to create your course.

The Create Your Course Workshop Modules

Module 1: Picking Your Topic

Choose Your Course Topic!

In Module 1, you will start by choosing your course topic. This is your most important decision. I will show you how to get it right and put you on the fast path to success.

Validate your topic with my easy research techniques. Then nail down your title, target market and price so that you…

  • Know how to position yourself in the market
  • Feel motivated because you are expertly teaching something you KNOW people want
  • Identify the key problem your course solves so it’s more enticing

Best of all, by the end of this module you will gain confidence that the course you create will sell and help others!

Module 2: Designing Your Course

Design a Course People Want to Buy!

In Module 2, you will design a framework for a course that people will rave about and want to buy! Every great structure starts with a blueprint. You will organize your content into modules, steps or “chunks” that are perfect for your audience. This will make it easy for you to create. And a breeze for your people to consume….

  • Discover my time-tested formula for outlining the scope of your course
  • Design a powerful step-by-step roadmap to deliver on the transformation you promise
  • Rapidly create your course content without getting stuck on what you should do next

And we will bring all this together into a compelling offer that will magnetize customers to you!

Module 3: Creating Your Course Content

Create Lessons That Gets Results!

Module 3 is where rubber meets the road. Now it’s time to flesh out your course and record your expertise. I will support you in the way that’s best for YOU to make the entire process simple and fun…

  • Use my proprietary system that makes you a rockstar teacher, even if you’ve never taught before
  • Create slides that make your lessons easy for your students to understand (and easy for you to teach)
  • Record video lessons that engage and transform your audience to get the results they’re looking for
  • Design engaging activities that help your students learn and retain your information
  • Find high quality, low-cost, images that are royalty-free and bring your course to life

And you will round out your course with additional workbooks, checklists, cheat sheets, using my templates and that make this module simple and easy.

Module 4: Building Your Online Classroom

Build Your Online Classroom

In Module 4 you will choose and set up the online classroom for your course. We will go over popular course delivery platforms (both paid and free) and I will help you choose the best one for you.

Community support is a great feature of an online course. Facebook Groups are a popular community add-on to almost any course today. And for some audiences, LinkedIn Groups are a good choice too. These are optional, but popular, course add-ons.


  • Easily upload your online course and setup your online classroom
  • Run an effective group that keeps your students engaged and supporting each other

Module 5: Setting Up Your Online Sales System

Setup Your Sales System

In Module 5, you will setup your online sales system.

You need a great sales page to convince people to register for your course. You also need an online payment system to charge credit cards and get money into your bank account.

I will give you my simple sales page outline that all great sales pages follow. And I will deconstruct one of my sales pages so you can see the thinking behind it.

You can build your sales page in WordPress like I do. Or you can use a page builder tool. I will show you the most popular ones.

The most common online payment methods today are Stripe and Paypal. Both accept all credit cards.

Some membership systems offer sales pages and can process payments too. This eliminates the need for a page builder, as well as Stripe and Paypal. I will help you choose which method is best for you.

Module 6: Launching Your Course & Getting Customers

Launch Your Course!

In Module 6, you will prepare to launch your new course and get customers!

New customers come from people who know like and trust you. I will show you how to build rapport, increase desire, and convince people to buy with easy to write emails.

With my simple and easy method for launching your course using email, you will get:

  • My Launch Countdown Planner
  • My Simple Email Launch Sequence
  • My Relationship Building Optin Email Sequence

Module 7: Nurturing Happy Customers

Get Results & Nuture Happy Customers

In Module 7, you will learn how to run your course so that your people succeed and get the results you promised!

You will learn:

  • How to run live training webinars and teleseminars.
  • How to schedule and space out your training and Q+A calls.
  • When and why to schedule breaks in your training calendar.
  • When and why to separate training classes from Q+A sessions.
  • How to run your Facebook group without feeling like you need to be in it all the time.
  • How to get feedback so you can run your course again and make more money.

Enroll & Start Creating Your Own Course Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the calendar for the live webinars?

A: The live webinars are approximately every other week for 6 months. Click here to view the calendar


Q: How long is each live webinar?

A: The live webinars are approximately 90 minutes each.


Q: Do I have to Attend ALL the live Coaching Webinars?
A: No! The coaching webinars are for you to ask questions about your project. You pick the sessions that are convenient for you, and come to as many or as few live webinars as you want. Can’t make a session? Just submit your questions ahead of time and I will happily answer them.  All of webinars will be recorded for easy playback and/or download.
Q: Do I Need to Have a Website?

A: No, you don’t need a website.  You can create an online course without a website.  But eventually you will want a website.

Q: Do I have to have Facebook?
A: No, joining our Facebook group is optional.  You do not have to have or use Facebook to be successful in the course and create your course.
Q: Does this program have a payment plan?
A: Yes!  We know not everyone can pay in full all at once BUT really want to create an online course so we offer a payment plan.  Click here to see your options.
Q: Can I buy this program now and start later?
A: Yes, you may absolutely purchase the Create Your Course program now and start later.  We encourage folks to start right away and take advantage of the live webinars and Facebook group, but if you’re not able to that’s not a problem.  All of the live webinars are recorded so you may watch (and download) them at your convenience.  You have lifetime access to the online members area and you can download the course modules and keep them on your computer forever.
Q: How long will it take me to go through the program?

A: That really all depends upon you!  You will get access to the training modules as soon as you signup. You can go as fast as you want, or as slow as you want – go at your own pace.  It is a self-paced course.  You will receive 6 months of live webinars and a Facebook group to answer your questions, keep you motivated and in action mode, and after that you can continue to go through it at your own pace.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?

A: Yes, you can pay with PayPal.

Q: Is this program for a Mac or a PC?
A: This program is independent of a Mac or a PC. You can use either a Mac or a PC computer. And you can use either to create your own online course!
Q: Do I need to know WordPress to take this program?
A: No you don’t need to know WordPress. However you can do this with WordPress as Christina has . But there may be a choice better suited to your skills and unique personality. Although Christina teaches WordPress in her other course the “Website Creation Workshop” This “Create Your Course” Wordkshop is NOT a WordPress training program.
Q: Can I create a course that is all self study? i.e. I don't want an interactive course
A: This program will coach you on creating the course that is right for YOU and your business.  If you want to create a self study type of course that is fine.  You do not have to create an interactive course 🙂
Q: I have more questions I want to ask about this program...
A: If you have a question about this program that hasn’t been answered yet. We have a live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.  Someone may be there now but if not, go ahead and type your question and email address in and we’ll chat or email you back.  Or send our support team an email at

The Create Your Course Workshop is Right For You If…

You are tired of trading dollars for hours

You are ready to scale your business and impact more people


You have been wanting to create a course, but just didn’t know how

You have a course started, but need help in completing it

And You’ll Get These Extra Bonuses

Launch Countdown Planner

Planning a launch with specific opening and closing dates  is the key to a high converting strategy for your online course.  In this launch planner you will get a blueprint to follow step by step to launch your program.

Private Facebook Group


My Private Facebook Group just for you and your new friends to network, share ideas, and support each other.  The Facebook group is completely optional for those who like Facebook.

Lifetime Access to Training

Because I want you to be successful on our journey together, you will get lifetime access to all of the training materials in the Course Members area: the video lessons, coursebooks, workbooks, resources, and checklists. (“Lifetime Access” means for the lifetime of the program.)

Create Your Free Webinar

coursebook launching webinars

Creating an engaging free webinar is key getting your message out.  In this bonus, we will go in depth on doing a Free Webinar to promote your online course.

Target Market Profile

Identifying the people who will want and benefit the most from your course is key!  In this workbook, you will walk through some simple steps to find your target market.

Live Action Video Training

on camera coursebookTalking head style videos are an excellent way to deliver training. But for many people, going on camera is scary. This training will show you how to easily create high quality videos with a smart phone or web cam. No expensive video equipment is necessary.

6 Months of Live Coaching Webinars

And to help you be successful in this program, you will get 6 months of live coaching webinars with Christina Hills to answer your questions about YOUR course that you are creating.

You can attend the webinars live, or submit your questions ahead of time, then watch the replays for your answers.  Some webinars will be training calls, and some will be open Q&A.  You may have an idea for an online course, or you may be starting from scratch.

Everyone is at a different point in their entrepreneurial path. You will learn from everyone in the program as we go on this journey together.


Meet Your Course Creation Teacher

About Christina Hills

Christina Hills is an expert in online course creation and is the creator of the long running Website Creation Workshop Program for non-technical business owners.

Since 2008, Christina has helped more than 3,918 independent experts and professionals create their own websites in WordPress.

She is a 18 year online marketing veteran and a former special effects movie animator, with film credits from George Lucas for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET. She is also a wife and mother and lives with her family in San Diego, California.

Feedback From Our Students

Testimonial: “It’s been a joy to work with Christina Hills in the Create Your Course program because I can feel that she cares. She’s a live person teaching and coaching to the people she’s serving in real time. My style aligns very much the same with hers which is important to me. I can trust in her as a mentor and learn so much from her as an expert in the field of on-line delivery. Thank you Christina!!”
Valerie Sorrentino

San Diego, California

Testimonial: “I want to just share my appreciation for Christina and her incredible course.  It really helped me fulfill a long time dream to have an online course/program.  It was exactly what I needed to stop thinking about it, stop talking about it and actually do it and that’s exactly what I’ve done.  My course starts next week!  I’m so excited.  I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who would like an online course.  Building it with Christina’s support is definitely the way to go.”
Rebecca Massoud

San Diego, California

Testimonial: “As an online business owner, a LOT of offers for courses and educational webinars and white papers pass through my Inbox! Over the years, I’ve even opted in for a good number (Always a student!) Christina’s courses deliver practical, highly usable content. I created my first WordPress website while taking her course and I recently participated in the beta run of her Create Your Course program. I knew when I signed up that it wasn’t yet time for my business to offer a course, but I also knew it wouldn’t be too long. Taking her course helped me clarify the Cure for Follow-Up Failure program I’m currently offering my clients AND make great progress on the course I will be offering sooner than I thought! Great return on the investment!”

Karen Cleveland

Marietta, Georgia

Testimonial: “I have taken more than one course with Christina Hills. Four, in fact. Why? She’s a master at breaking down a complicated process into understandable and bite-size pieces. Even with a student like me, she has infinite patience! She clearly knows her stuff and responds to students’ input, always trying to up her game. So you get a lot of bang for your buck. And this is no small thing: she’s real and has integrity.”

Robin Ridley

Atlanta, Georgia

Testimonial: “Christina is a top expert in her field, and her training is extremely clear and easy to understand and easy to follow. I feel very relaxed, worry free and confident when creating my online courses, because Christina has 25 years of computer graphics design, website creation and online course creation and marketing. She knows it all and can answer every question. Christina shows how fun and enjoying it is, to create your own online courses and her all-in-one, complete “Online Class Building” course covers everything, all in one place. It’s worth at least $10,000! :)”
Christine Schwartz

Seneca, South Carolina

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Enrollment in the “Create Your Course Workshop” Program is Risk-Free.

I am so confident in the Create Your Course Workshop that you will have 14 days to decide if you want to go on this journey with me or not.  If you decide it’s not right for you, just contact us by email by the end of the 14th day and let us know why and we will give you your full money back.

-Christina Hills, Your Teacher and Coach

Create Your Course Workshop PRIORITY Reservation

YES! I Want To Attend The Create Your Course Workshop

Christina, reserve my seat for me. I want to learn online from the comfort of my own home without any travel expenses. I understand it’s an online training program where everything is stored in the online members area. I understand have lifetime access to the training materials in the course members area and can go through the material at my own pace. I also understand that once the refund period passes, I can download the training to my own computer and keep the course forever! I understand I will learn the course creation techniques that you have put together to teach me during the virtual workshop and that not you nor anyone else has made any income promises to me and that my income is dependent solely on my own efforts and that of my business.

* By Clicking the Purchase Button Below, You’ve Acknowledged and Agreed to the Create Your Course Workshop Terms and Conditions


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