Feedback From Our Students

Testimonial: “Whenever I listen/watch a Christina class I feel well cared about, a lush feeling of nurturing and gentle strong education knowing the authentic truth is what is being shared, not pushed, and there are additional options available if desired. Thanks Christina and crew! We all are better with a great team.”

Barb Cotta

Testimonial: “I have been so grateful to be a part of Christina Hills’ Create Your Course workshop. I felt that I had an idea that might be a contribution people might be interested in, but I had no idea how to execute it. Being able to have the step by step modules has really helped me to zero in on the specifics without getting overwhelmed by the “big picture”. As I have completed the modules, Christina has been so helpful on the live webinars to give me new ideas and feedback to help me make what I want even better.  I have definitely gained insights, concepts and advice that already has honed and refined my concept. I am really looking forward to getting “Learn To Sing With An Opera Singer – For Those Who Think They Can’t Sing” finalized and launched! Thank you Christina and team for helping me turn my vision into reality!”

Christopher Anderson

Palm Springs, California

Testimonial: “It’s been a joy to work with Christina Hills in the Create Your Course program because I can feel that she cares. She’s a live person teaching and coaching to the people she’s serving in real time. My style aligns very much the same with hers which is important to me. I can trust in her as a mentor and learn so much from her as an expert in the field of on-line delivery. Thank you Christina!!”

Valerie Sorrentino

San Diego, California

Testimonial: “I want to just share my appreciation for Christina and her incredible course.  It really helped me fulfill a long time dream to have an online course/program.  It was exactly what I needed to stop thinking about it, stop talking about it and actually do it and that’s exactly what I’ve done.  My course starts next week!  I’m so excited.  I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who would like an online course.  Building it with Christina’s support is definitely the way to go.” 

Rebecca Massoud, San Diego, California

Testimonial: “The Create Your Course workshop is an all-in-one, complete “Online Class Building” course, that covers everything, all in one place! It is very convenient because it saves me time and money. Christina is a top expert in her field, and her training is extremely clear, easy to understand, easy to follow and she shows how fun and enjoyable it is to create your own online courses. I feel very relaxed, worry free and confident when creating my online courses, because Christina has 16 years of online, website creation, online course creation and marketing experience and she has 19 years experience in the computer animation and special effects field. She knows it all and can answer every question.”

Christine Schwartz

Seneca, South Carolina

Testimonial: “Christina is a top expert in her field, and her training is extremely clear and easy to understand and easy to follow. I feel very relaxed, worry free and confident when creating my online courses, because Christina has 25 years of computer graphics design, website creation and online course creation and marketing. She knows it all and can answer every question. Christina shows how fun and enjoying it is, to create your own online courses and her all-in-one, complete “Online Class Building” course covers everything, all in one place. It’s worth at least $10,000! :)”

Christine Schwartz

Seneca, South Carolina

Testimonial: “As an online business owner, a LOT of offers for courses and educational webinars and white papers pass through my Inbox! Over the years, I’ve even opted in for a good number (Always a student!) Christina’s courses deliver practical, highly usable content. I created my first WordPress website while taking her course and I recently participated in the beta run of her Create Your Course program. I knew when I signed up that it wasn’t yet time for my business to offer a course, but I also knew it wouldn’t be too long. Taking her course helped me clarify the Cure for Follow-Up Failure program I’m currently offering my clients AND make great progress on the course I will be offering sooner than I thought! Great return on the investment!”

Karen Cleveland, Marietta, Georgia

Testimonial: “I have taken more than one course with Christina Hills. Four, in fact. Why? She’s a master at breaking down a complicated process into understandable and bite-size pieces. Even with a student like me, she has infinite patience! She clearly knows her stuff and responds to students’ input, always trying to up her game. So you get a lot of bang for your buck. And this is no small thing: she’s real and has integrity.”

Robin Ridley

Atlanta, Georgia

Testimonial: “Your training is very helpful and concise.  I feel like you actually care if we learn something and get something out of the classes.  Thank you!”

Jacquelyn Rummel, McKinney, Texas

Testimonial: “The Create Your Course workshop is the 6th class I’ve taken with Christina.  I’m thrilled to be in this one.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your promptness, efficiency, your clear instructions, timeliness, visuals, patience and understanding.  It’s just superb.  The Create Your Course workshop was an inspiration for me to re-think how I could get back into teaching again… my first love since age 12.  Thank you.”

And here is another testimonial from Martha:

Martha Pineno, Youngstown, Ohio

Testimonial: “As a new non-fiction author, I was looking for a way to market my book and realized that there were not enough hours in the day to respond to all the requests for help that I was getting and I hated to turn anyone away, so when the Create Your Course workshop popped up in my email I jumped at the chance to take my book to a new level. The class has exceeded my expectations!

I took Christina’s Website Creation Workshop earlier, and her step-by-step guide, spoken, in layman’s English, for even the most novice website creator was a perfect place to start. This same patient guide happened when I signed up for the Create Your Course workshop. The exiting part of the Create Your Course workshop is that we were in the inaugural kickoff and it was great to experience, first hand, how a course is built and marketed.

The biggest differentiators with Christina’s courses is her optional Facebook Group, which allows us to talk to our peers and solve things in a collaborative environment.

Christina is truly a professional. She has an amazing team of support specialist readily available and as she creates more workshops, I will be the first on the list to join in the learning.

Again, Christina has exceeded my expectations for both the Website Creation Workshop AND Create Your Course.”

Carlene Szostak

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Testimonial: “You are such a skilled teacher and I learn so much from you. Thanks for modeling Generosity as a way of teaching and learning”


Chico, California

Testimonial: “Christina empathizes with her students and understands what everyone needs; this is a sign of a great teacher!”

Pam Tharp

Flagstaff, Arizona

Testimonial: “I have been following and learning from Christina beginning with her Website Creation Workshop, then her Graphics Creation Workshop and most recently her Course Creation Workshop. Christina consistently delivers more value than you expect. Her instruction is organized, complete and delivered in a very logical step by step method that allows even the most challenged learner to meet their learning goals. Thanks Christina for all you do to keep us learning and so we can grow our businesses and hobbies while having a lot of fun.”

Monica Olsen

Eugene, Oregon

Testimonial: “Christina’s Create Your Course Workshop helped me in ways I never imagined! I enrolled in CYC because the non-profit I run – wanted to create a video version of our most in demand program for schools: Baffle Away Bullying! Interactive Workshop for K-3rd. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I realized it would be awhile before I would be able to film with my youth actors. So, in the meantime, I decided to release the script version of Baffle Away Bullying! and offer Performance Licenses and Classroom Reading Licenses for purchase on our website. I went back and re-watched the CYC Modules 5, 6, and 7 which helped me design my sales page, choose my shopping cart (WooCommerce), choose my payment processors (PayPal Standard and Stripe), and create my call to action, which I used on our website and in our Press Release. Christina’s course was invaluable in helping me set up to sell products on my website! I can’t thank you enough, Christina! And I can’t wait until the stay at home orders have been lifted, so I can use the CYC Modules again to create my video course!”

Amy Anichini

San Diego, California

Amy Anichini

San Diego, California

Testimonial: “I have been a student of Christina’s ever since her Shopping Cart Queen classes (back in 2007). I always get exceptional value from her training and her positive support. What I appreciate most is her ability to give me the confidence I need to tackle new products and new technologies – even when they appear difficult and daunting. Her “you CAN do it” message is a positive relief in what often seems to be a sea of negativity when one is attempting to create your own on-line training. I signed up for the Create Your Course training to refresh an on-line class I had let languish for several years. It worked and I am ready to re-launch my new and revised class at”

Thea Dunmire


Testimonial: “I really enjoy your authenticity Christina as you present. It is inspiring that it’s okay to not know it all and just keep moving forward. As a recovering perfectionist (lol) I keep remembering what you say about just taking one step, not comparing yourself and be yourself. Always a great message to hear.”

Debra Duwe


Testimonial: “Thanks very much for a really helpful workshop. I learned a lot, and more importantly, I feel more confident now that I can create a successful online course.”

Lorraine Molloy


Testimonial: “I’ve enjoyed the Create Your Course webinars.  They have a relaxed environment, mentorship milieu, supportive and well crafted. I’ve taken online courses from other sources are not as well organized. Much appreciations for such a helpful journey!!!”

Marcia Powell


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