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Questions for the Workshop Webinar

Submit Your Questions to be Answered Live on the Webinar with Christina

The question box is Open!

Since this is the first time we’ve run this course we don’t have a question box policy yet.

– Please be specific and clear in your question so we can best serve you.
– Please include any/all page URL’s that pertain to your question.
– Please include any screenshots that would be helpful to explain your question.

Fill in your information below, type in your question and click the big, “Submit Question” button at the bottom.  One question per submission please.  If you have more than one question, just come back to this page and submit another one.

Thank you!

Module 1: Pick Your Topic - Assignment

Fill in your information below, so we can get to know more about you and the course you want to create. This does not have to be perfect and you can always change it later. (in fact 99% of the time people will change something on this form) You will be able to download your answers in a PDF after you fill out the form, and you will get a copy of these answers in your email.

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  • We want to help you through the process of creating your course. Let us know what that is in the form below
  • Put in the topic of your course. Example: Bullying
  • Put in a "Working Title" for your course. It does not have to be perfect, just something descriptive of what you course will be. Example: “How to Stop Bullying for Kids K-3rd Grade"
  • A Target Price is your goal for what you would like to charge for this. Most likely this will change later, but it's a goal for now. Example: $895
  • Who is your program aimed at? Example: School Kids ages K through 3rd grade
  • Write down the problem people have that your course solves. Example: Helps teachers and students understand how to overcome bullying
  • During this course we'd like to show examples of students creating courses. (Note if you say yes, this does not automatically mean we will review this on a webinar. So please submit in a webinar question form if you want a live review)
  • If you have anything else you would like to note down, put it here.
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Questions for the Live Call

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